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Every Child is a Gift of God potent with Godly qualities we just expose these qualities effectively and fill their hearts so full with Positive Values that there is no space left for any negative ones.Value based education imparts social, moral, integrity, character, spirituality and many more. It builds the qualities of humility, strength & honesty in a person. They become better citizens of a country.


Parents today are tied up in a scenario where there is lack of time and constant degradation of culture all around, we assist them with tailor made scriptural tips which are efficient and proven over centuries. Parenting isn’t what it used to be. Our children are growing up in a world utterly different from the world we knew as children, and they will be grown-ups in a world that is changing even more.


We have to understand the difference between “teaching” and ‘facilitating in learning” because the both words are correlated with each other. Teaching is an activity which is helping the student in learning. Every Teacher desires to impart Good Values to students we facilitate them powerful content put together in most appealing way using both modern and traditional ways of teaching.


Youth is time when ones energy, intelligence and courage are at their peaks we direct them properly to create great wonders and protect them from great blunders. The term personality development course relates with improving the way we think, the way we feel, the way we behave and the way we carry on ourselves. Here are the few tips which will help you in developing your personality.


Welcome To www.valueeducation.edu.in

Finally the long awaited forum is here.
This forum is dedicated to impart values to children and making leaders, teachers, parents into role models for their wards.

Many Principals,Teachers,Parents and even children persistently asked us that In spite of such rich and cultural opulence of India why there is no forum online where Children can get values,Youth can get proper guidance,Parents can get parenting tips and Teachers can get all necessary materials to impart Values to students? This question turned into inspiration and resulted in foundation of this forum.

After years of studies, on field experiences,experts guidance and hundreds of qualified staff we at ISKCON pune are now ready to start with this wonderful forum where one can get access to his needs Any Time and Anywhere.

Our key strength lies in presenting the time tested, proven and effective formulae from most valuable Holy Scriptures in way that can be easily accommodated in modern lifestyle no matter what or who one is.

More things are caught than taught, therefore our staff consist of dedicated well educated individuals who just don’t teach as profession but also themselves follow high moral values in their own daily life making their teaching exemplary.

Powerful ppts, heart touching animations, eye opening case studies, and transformative articles are our means to reach and teach people online.

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